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    beginners guide

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    beginners guide

    Post  gold leader ren on Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:22 pm

    if you are reading this you must be new to the forums and may have some questions. Will you've came to the right place here you will find out all about the forums. So hopefully you already recruited and i ren approved it.
    To start ill talk about general/suggestions. also before i continue know that there may be some typos or mistakes since this is a new forum and if i don't correct them tell me in general/suggestions. general/suggestions is where you can either speak your mind or give suggestions about. Top 5 is for just seeing who is are most strongest players almost as strong as the leaders.The rules is for the to keep the forums under control.The announcements is for to keep update on things or if we have team meetings which are really rare and finally but probably not the last because there might me bro more and ill have to post a reply for them on this topic lol is team tournaments in where you can apply and maybe if you win you get top 5/ top 10

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